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I am a firm believer that all life progresses according to the Fibonacci sequence. Just look at how it works: you take the present and combine it with the past to create the future.

At SpiroVerse we don’t start from ground zero. Rather we begin by taking ancient knowledge and wisdom and combining it with today’s modern technologies to create a viable future.

We believe that this platform will spark light within millions of heart.

Artem Spiro, Founder


For humanity to transcend and live in harmony with the universe. 


To unite people who wish to fulfill their lives and reach their true calling.

We aim to help people reach their highest potential through personalized human EnergyCare solutions driven by force of change via blockchain and AI technology.


The old consciousness medicine manipulates and controls bodies at a molecular level. It defines health as physical health and identifies every physical dysfunction as the effect of a physical cause. Even mental health and psychological health, etc. are reduced to physician causes and physical effects.

While the new consciousness, understands that health comes from a place where authentic power is considered long-term preventive healthcare.
It identifies the effects of nonphysical causes upon physical phenomena and nonphysical phenomena.

It recognizes physical health and emotional ease as the same (love) and lack of physical health and emotional dis-ease as the same (fear).
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SpiroHuman Avatar

You as a soul navigate your SpiroHuman avatar for the evolution of your consciousness.

In SpiroVerse the evolution of consciousness is represented by in-platform Authentic Power Token (APT). More authentic power you generate, the more APTs you receive.
About the Avatar


SpiroTron token is global, decentralized, and independent of any government cryptocurrency.

Evolve & Earn

There are three purposes for Authentic Power Token:

  • To swap it for SpiroTron token ($SPIRO) which is used as a utility token inside the SpiroVerse ecosystem and can be traded on Currency exchanges
  • To upgrade your SpiroHuman Avatar
  • To donate to the initiative of your choice

  • You are constantly a transforming form.
    Your SpiroHuman Avatar is mirroring your evolution of consciousness.
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    Token distribution

    Explains the allocation of SpiroTron tokens $SPIRO to various stakeholders in the network

    Total supply: 1,123,581,321
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    The roadmap below secures and ensures the long-term success of the project by ongoing product development, facilitating network participation, community development, and creating more network royalty value.



  • Organization of sustainable farm tours over the world. Building the close circle of early adopters
  • 2018

  • Organization of workshops and travel retreats. Launch of R&D in FoodTech (plant based nutrition). Building the core community
  • Look back


    Q3 2022

  • Seed & Private token sales via SAFT wNFTs.
  • Team building and start of platform development.
  • Onboarding advisers & partners.
  • Community engagement & growth.
  • Launch of ambassador program.
  • Q4 2022

  • Platform development
  • Network expansion via uniting energycare communities and energy providers

    Q1 2023

  • Enabling more network participation and engagement in the long-term SpiroVerse strategy via global marketing campaign
  • Launchpad sale
  • Beta launch
  • Listing on exchanges
  • Q2 2023

  • Platform improvement based on feedback
  • Soft launch
  • Q3 2023

  • Full launch of the project
  • Improvement of the network-based platform scalability
  • Q4 2023

  • Enabling innovations for further development of ecosystem
  • The power of understanding is not about the attainment, but about the journey of the reunion with one’s soul. For our senses allows us to think that we are experiencing the outside, but in reality we are not.

    We only tend to experience the outside once we understand the experience within, only then are we enlightened.

    - Artem Spiro, founder of SpiroVerse

    spiro profile

    Artem Spiro
    Founder / CEO
    (Chief Evolutionary Officer)

    jad profile

    Jad Fares
    Co-Founder / HSS
    (Head of Strategy and Sustainability)

    artem profile

    Artem Isay
    Co-Founder / COO
    (Chief Organization and Operations)

    martin profile

    Martin De Bonis
    Co-Founder / CTO
    (Chief Technology Officer)

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    12 is a team of dedicated passionate specialists in a field of human consciousness, psychology, social architecture and behavioral studies.

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