The world of the future is more interesting, stronger, kinder and fair than the one we experience today. You will like it!
The future starts now. Get ready.
Вселенная SpiroVerse:
место силы для людей будущего
Everything you need for the development of Personal Energy (health, longevity) and Personal Skills (wellbeing, talents, abilities) in one Web3 platform
The Architecture of Consciousness as a learning game environment: a symbiosis of modern neuroscience and ancient knowledge about consciousness and energy

Access to unique events and seasoned experts in the fields of EnergyCare.

MarketSpace of physical and digital health and energy products from around the world

Developing and inspiring themed communities

Education of the future

Access to a wide network of partner resources: from impact investment opportunities to charity

CEO (Chief Evolutionary)
HSS (Head of Strategy and Sustainability)
COO (Chief Organization and Operations)
CTO (Chief Technology)
Visionary entrepreneur and professional Boeing pilot - Artem makes a difference in people's lives by making a positive impact through sustainable processes and soul-driven living.
Entrepreneur and early Crypto investor — Artem has a strong skill set of technical and operational background, with a deep knowledge of product building and team scaling.

Neophiliac and technology addict, Martin is a serial entrepreneur for digital products and has a predisposition for problem-solving. With a strong digital and technical background, Martin found his true calling as a data analysis ninja, where he also believes in unlocking human potential to achieve the team's goals.
Planet Advocate Entrepreneur and Human-to-Human Strategist - Jad believes that real humans don't destroy Earth but unite to benefit it and that life begins with the five senses which lead to the ultimate sense of "Understanding".
Team of specialists in the field of human consciousness, psychology, social architecture and research of behavioral models: Nataly Suloieva, Sergey Churilin, Vadim Efremov, Irina Churilina, Elena Bezdenezhnykh. Authors of the concept and methods of complex human development "The Architecture of Consciousness".
  • Entrance ticket to SpiroVerse - purchase any NFT* from SpiroVerse Sacred Artifacts collection.

  • Initiation begins with a complex audio-visual and sensory transformational process of immersion into SpiroVerse.

  • As a result of the initiation, your SpiroHuman Avatar is created. It will be externally and internally similar to you – because in SpiroVerse you are developing not a game character, but yourself. This is a digital model of the present world.

Your way to SpiroVerse
* NFT (non-fungible token) is a type of digital asset based on the blockchain.
  • Your Avatar has a set of parameters and functions that correspond to the architecture of your consciousness in your life.

  • This is your "atlas of consciousness" and your "energy code" – 94 key functions and 722 qualities distributed over 12 levels of manifestation.

  • Rising through the levels in SpiroVerse, you activate your energy code and develop an Avatar but, most importantly, you get access to the colossal potential of vital energy, and discover superpowers that will work outside the educational model of SpiroVerse.

  • You're not just pumping up your character, you're pumping the real you.

SpiroHuman Avatar
  • SpiroVerse is based on a methodology developed by a team of psychologists, neuroscientists, social architects, and specialists in a holistic approach to health and andragogy (the science of adult education).

  • The immersive transformational experience in SpiroVerse is a personal development program that allows you to unlock the potential and abilities of each person. These are courses to prepare a person for successful adaptation in the world of the future – with its more perfect morality, rules, and ways of development.

  • Transformation in SpiroVerse will transcend into your personal transformation in your life outside the platform. Our team has supervised more than 40,000 personal transformational processes over the past 15 years.
Individual strategy for Personal Development
as a learning game environment: a symbiosis of modern neuroscience and ancient knowledge about consciousness and energy.
Infrastructure of SpiroVerse
Human Architecture
For example:
• Technologies
• Mindful eating
• Women's Circle
• Men's Tribe
• Conscious parenthood
• Charity.

Monads - thematic communities for development and support
Individual online and on-site classes with representatives of the professions of the future - from blockchain specialists to a chef who cooks taking into account the medicinal properties of products
Courses, webinars, seminars, 1-on-1 sessions from veriFIed EnergyCare specialists
Children's Academy for the development of skills and knowledge for a soulful, conscious life - from early age to adulthood

Alma Mater: Education of the future
A MarketSpace of unique physical and digital health and energy products from around the world
Products from farmers and local producers,
Products made from environmentally-sound resources
NFT: artifacts, digital art, sound healing, and much more

Soul experience
Transcendental events
Grounding and ecotourism
Retreats and transformational expeditions to places of power

Initiatives: our contribution to the world
SpiroVerse is an active investor in creating a better world for the people of the future
We build partnerships with impact funds to protect the environment and address the problems of health and well-being of the inhabitants of the Earth
We invest in social and entrepreneurial projects that beneFit the planet and humanity

How can you make money with SpiroVerse?
The SpiroVerse platform works on the principles of a decentralized Internet (Web3), implemented using open-source smart contracts (blockchain technology).
Similar to the Play-to-Earn monetization algorithm adopted in Web3, we introduce the concept of Evolve & Earn, literally "Develop yourself and Earn". In it, participants have the opportunity to receive financial rewards (in cryptocurrency) for their personal, intellectual and spiritual growth, for active participation in community life and SpiroVerse initiatives.
  • Purchasing educational services in Alma Mater
  • Paying for soul experiences: retreats, travels, tickets for paid events
  • Purchases of goods and NFTs in MarketSpace

  • Through the Evolve&Earn algorithm - in the process of learning and participating in SpiroVerse initiatives on the platform
  • Selling your services and products on the platform
  • For staking tokens on the platform
  • You can also purchase SpiroTron on DEX and CEX

You have the opportunity to get SpiroTron:
SpiroVerse has its own decentralized currency, SpiroTron ($SPIRO), which can be used for:
SpiroVerse Roadmap
Платформа SpiroVerse функционирует по принципам децентрализованного интернета (Web3), реализованного с помощью смарт-контрактов с открытым исходным кодом (технологии блокчейн).
December 13, 2022 – MarketSpace (Alpha)
Q1 2023 – MarketSpace (Beta)
Launch full MarketSpace functionality on TON: physical goods for health and well-being, digital goods and services (NFT): art, developing courses, ethnic music.
Q3 2023 Launch of SpiroVerse (Alpha) platform
Closed launch for the community and testing of the platform mechanisms.
Q4 2023 Launch of SpiroVerse (Beta) platform
Public launch of the platform on the TON blockchain.
Q4 2023* Listing of the SpiroTron token ($SPIRO)
of the TON blockchain on exchanges. (*TBD - depending on market conditions).

Launch MarketSpace with its own SpiroVerse Sacred Artifacts (NFT) collection on the TON blockchain with Telegram and Tonkeeper integration.
Calendar of events
Travel to Places of Power with the guides of SpiroVerse and 12 Space team to help in the process of a global transformation.
December 15'22 – January 10'23
December 21
«Sacred expedition Mexico – Guatemala»
The first concert of «SpiroVerse Healing Sound»
February 2023
Initiation into SpiroVerse Community (in Telegram)
March 2023
Release SpiroVerse Sacred Box «The Architecture of Consciousness»
July 2023
TEDx Conference Evolving Humanity
International TEDx licensed conference with the participation of the world's leading experts in the field of neurobiology, medicine, psychology, biohacking, energy therapy, philosophy, sociology, longevity, etc.
June 2023
SpiroVerse Unity Festival
SpiroVerse Community Festival, dedicated to best practices in the FIELD of conscious healthy living with the participation of experts, musicians, artists and world-class thinkers.
August 27 – September 4, 2023
Camp SpiroVerse at Burning Man
Our own camp in the USA at the Burning Man Festival, where we will share the ideas and values of the community and SpiroVerse project with 120,000 Burners.

November 2023
Global Online Platform Launch Event SpiroVerse (beta)
«Ключи к Сверхсознанию» – это система глубокой личностной диагностики и инструмент для диалога со своим Сверхсознанием. Используя «Ключи к Сверхсознанию», человек получает детальный план действий по своей задаче.

У членов сообщества SpiroHuman будет
специалистом, использующим инструмент
возможность использовать «Ключи к Сверхсознанию» для своего личного развития или стать сертифицированным
для помощи своим клиентам.
Выпуск метафорической игры и книги «Ключи
к Сверхсознанию»
April 2023
Release of the metaphorical game and the book «SpiroVerse: Keys to Superconsciousness»
«Keys to Superconsciousness» is a system of deep personal diagnostics and a tool for dialogue with your Superconsciousness. Using the «Keys to Superconsciousness», a person receives a detailed action plan for his task.

Members of SpiroVerse community will have the opportunity to use the «Keys to Superconsciousness» for their personal development or become a certified specialist using the tool to help their clients.
May 2023
Camp «Transformation»
A retreat dedicated to the complex transformation of a person (body, mind, soul), in one of the planet's places of power.

«The Architecture of Consciousness» is an atlas of human consciousness, a detailed description of 12 levels of human manifestation and the structure of consciousness.
SpiroVerse Sacred Box will include:
  • A gift edition of the book «SpiroVerse: The Architecture of Consciousness»
  • Individual SpiroTron Artifact
  • Exclusive materials of SpiroVerse Universe
How to join?
Платформа SpiroVerse функционирует по принципам децентрализованного интернета (Web3), реализованного с помощью смарт-контрактов с открытым исходным кодом (технологии блокчейн).
Access to SpiroVerse will be open to owners of any SpiroVerse NFTs, including from the FIRST SpiroVerse collection - Sacred Artifacts (NFT).
SpiroVerse Sacred Artifacts (NFT)
A limited collection of digital works of art, created on the principles of Sacred Geometry and correlated with the 12 laws of the Highest Moral Code, according to which the world of the future will live (and the present world is already beginning to live).

The collection consists of 12 artifacts worth from 36.90 TON to 369 TON.
First level
Second level
Third level
Fourth level
Privileges for owners of NFTs first drop - SpiroVerse Sacred Artifacts (NFT) collection:
Платформа SpiroVerse функционирует по принципам децентрализованного интернета (Web3), реализованного с помощью смарт-контрактов с открытым исходным кодом (технологии блокчейн).
Initiation into SpiroVerse community, where NFT holders will have 2-3 sessions per week with specialists in EnergyCare (health, wellness, wellbeing), mindfulness courses, events, access to 'Monads' (like-minded groups), participation in SpiroVerse project development and much more
The opportunity to purchase a physical embodiment of the purchased NFT - a jewelry work whose design REFLECTS the corresponding FIGURE of Sacred Geometry, gives the owner the energy of this FIGURE and serves as a reminder of one of the 12 laws of the Highest Moral Code
Early access to SpiroVerse platform (full platform access)
Early access to SpiroVerse MarketSpace (on TON)
Investment Privilege - Receive SpiroTron ($SPIRO) tokens on platform launch
Exclusive offers for future products in SpiroVerse MarketSpace (on TON)
Access to SpiroVerse exclusive events
Access to the course "12 laws of the Highest Moral Code"
The course "12 laws of the Highest Moral Code" is the FIRST step of integration into the new consciousness, which gives:
  • Understanding of the basic principles of the laws
  • Initiating personal transformation
  • A navigation tool in the process of global transformation taking place in the world now
  • Tools to solve specific tasks that you set for yourself
  • The key to realizing and revealing your abilities and superpowers
  • Opportunity to become a guide and mentor for new SpiroVerse members

Obtaining the strongest of SpiroVerse Sacred Artifacts (NFT) – SpiroUnity. This is the thirteenth artifact for which you can exchange the complete collected collection of 12 artifacts - the NFTs of the FIRST drop.
Your ticket to SpiroVerse
Платформа SpiroVerse функционирует по принципам децентрализованного интернета (Web3), реализованного с помощью смарт-контрактов с открытым исходным кодом (технологии блокчейн).
More about us
Платформа SpiroVerse функционирует по принципам децентрализованного интернета (Web3), реализованного с помощью смарт-контрактов с открытым исходным кодом (технологии блокчейн).
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